Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm taking over the world one borough at a time!

Hey is anyone out there?..well, if you are reading this, thanks!!
So an update..I finished all 30 illustrations for Trnt University which will be
printed and sold on their merchandise this Fall..can't wait to see how they look..next for Trent are shirt designs for their upcoming Olympics!
On the drawing board, promo art and design for Sin City night club here in town..I met
with the owner Al today..super nice guy..I can't wait to get started on some designs for him..he has given me total creative freedom which is always a plus!
Teaching full time at the Art School of Peterborough wraps up next week..it has been fun and
the kids were awesome. Kids truly are the best artists.
Well, I'm gonna have to cut it short 'cuz my kids are yelling at me for ice cream.
bye for now!