Friday, February 19, 2010

Putting you imagination to paper.

Hey, it's not easy as a novice artist (or even a seasoned artist), to translate what is in your head down onto paper..I remember being so frustrated at myself for being able to visualize the most amazing picture, but not having the ability to put that down onto paper the way I saw it so vividly in my imagination.
Here are a few tips to help you along the way:
1) Nothing beats draw, draw, draw...copy comic books, draw from life..anything
to improve your hand/eye coordination.

2) "chunk out" the drawing - in other words instead of trying to tackle the whole image that you
have up in your head, draw out pieces of it, kind of like a puzzle. This should improve your
focus, and confidence.

3) Before jumping into a drawing at it's final stage, build it up. Do some very rough preliminary
drawings first to sort of map out where you want to place things, then build final line work
up from there. Not many professional artists I know jump right into a drawing expecting a
finished product right away...lay the ground work!

4) CONFIDENCE! If you don't believe in your own abilities as an artist, you simply will not
be able to give your best to what you are trying to create!

So go to it! ... and again, I'd love to hear your struggles and successes here on my blog..I'll reply back always with any words of wisdom I can give.

Have a great day! Jason.

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