Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Going Through IT.

Well I have recently discovered that life can throw some nasty curve balls.
BUT I am also slowly learning that it is what you take from these situations, and to what extent you are able to put a positive spin on them, that determines in what direction you will travel next. So, some days are crappy...other days are really crappy but I'm working on adjusting bit by bit. When you are going through a separation it really feels like you are the only one who has gone through it...but it happens all the time..just never thought it would be me. My wife and I were together for 16 years...we met when i was 17 and she was 16 and she was/maybe still is the love of my life. But again we move on, the world keeps turning and my kids are my priority.

I'll probably continue to post my thoughts here because it seems to be good therapy.

If anyone has any advice or wold like to share their story too...feel free to use my blog as your platform!

On a more positive note, I'll have some art news to add as well....
sorry if this blog is kind of scattered and confusing but it's kind of a direct reflection of where my head is at these days.

bye for now!

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